Key Rulebook Updates

Key Rulebook Updates

As communicated on October 1st via our Discord Server, the league's rulebook (information kit) has undergone revisions to address the evolving needs and challenges brought about by the growing participation in our league. Our primary focus is on raising the overall driving standard, and to achieve this goal, we have implemented the following measures:

  1. Minimum iRating Requirement for AMX10: We have introduced a minimum Road iRating of 2,000 for participation in AMX10 races.

  2. Start Procedures: We have included start procedures (rolling/standing) that all participants may view.

  3. Video Submissions and Protest/Appeals System: Until our protest/appeals and weekly post-race stewarding meetings begin, drivers may submit videos for review via the discord #support-ticket channel.

  4. Moderation / Kicking of intentional recklessness

These adjustments are intended to enhance the quality of our league, ensure fair competition, and promote sportsmanship among all participants.

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