Season 3 Information Kit

Download and review before racing with us!

Main Points

We are excited to launch the third season of the AMX Global League.

This season features a bigger prize pool than ever before spread generously between the top 15 racers every race, more accessible race times for the Americas and Europe, league giveaways and upgrade in production!

This league will once again be featured on the iRacing platform with each race open to anyone who has registered, signed up for races, and is eligible to race via an iRacing account in good standing.

Drivers may join the season at any point in the season and will receive prize funds once $100 in earnings are reached.

Season Duration

The AMX Global Season 3 spans approximately 3 months, commencing on September 20th and concluding on December 17th.

72 Races Total, with 2 tiers of racing

$25,218 Total Season Prize Pool

Next Level Gear Giveaways & Season Prizes

Weekly Schedule

Each week of the season consists of three designated race days.

On these race days, two races will take place, one from each tier of the league.


Wednesdays 7:50PM & 9:20PM 

Saturdays 12:50PM & 2:20PM

Sundays 12:50PM & 2:20PM


Thursdays 12:50AM & 4:20AM 

Saturdays 5:50PM & 7:20PM

Sundays 5:50PM & 7:20PM


Mondays 2:50AM & 4:20AM

Thursdays 9:50AM & 11:20AM

Sundays 2:50AM & 4:20AM

Race Format

Races in Season 3 are structured as follows:

  • Qualifying (15 Minutes): Drivers will compete in a 10-minute qualifying session. Prize money is awarded based on Qualifying standings.
  • Heat 1 (15 Minutes): Following the qualifying session, the top 15 will reverse grid, and start the first heat race. Prize money is awarded based on Heat 1 standings.
  • Heat 2 (15 Minutes): After Heat 1, the top 15 will reverse grid once again, and start the second and final heat race. Prize money is awarded based on Heat 2 standings.

The same amount of prize money is awarded based on standings in all sessions, including Qualifying, Heat 1, and Heat 2.
Heat 1 and Heat 2 will award Fastest lap winners. This means drivers have the opportunity to earn money in each session.

Tier Breakdown

AMX Zero

Our entry-level tier, AMX Zero, offers no-cost racing with mostly basic/free cars and tracks. Races are held as the first event every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Perfect for newcomers and budget-conscious racers.

Entry Fee : FREE

Prize Money per Race : $99.50 USD

Driver Cams : +$1 USD



The AMX10 Tier offers tougher cars and tracks, with a $10 entry fee and higher cash prizes per race. Racers must activate Zoom cameras during races and be available for 15-minutes post-race. It's where competition gets intense!

Entry Fee : $10

Prize Money per Race : $601 USD

Driver Briefings : Required (20 min before Qualifying -> Discord (#driver-briefings)

Driver Cams : Required

Interviews may be requested during Practice sessions.

Parc Fermé : Drivers must stand-by for 15 minutes after race for driver interviews, in #parc-Ferme-cooldown audio channel on the AMX Global Discord Server.

Discord :


For the full rulebook, download and review the AMX Regulations