• eSports Hosting Platform

    We provide a premier platform for hosting competitive and engaging sim-racing events.

  • Global, Multilingual Broadcaster

    We connect automotive manufacturers with a passionate and engaged audience through innovative marketing solutions.

  • eCommerce Platform for Gaming Hardware and Software

    We offer a wide range of gaming products to enhance the sim-racing experience.

  • Digital Entertainment and Motorsports Experts/Organizers

    Our expertise in digital entertainment and motorsports allows us to organize top-tier racing events that captivate and thrill.

  • At AMX Global, our vision is to make racing accessible to everyone, regardless of wealth, race, or gender. Sim-racing offers an affordable alternative to traditional racing, enabling participants from around the world to compete on equal footing. We are dedicated to breaking down financial barriers and providing opportunities for aspiring racers to finance their careers through prize money from our events. Join us in revolutionizing the world of motorsports and making it more inclusive for all.