Season 5 Info Kit and Regs Available

Season 5 Info Kit and Regs Available

As we gear up for the thrilling new season of the AMX Sim Racing World Championship, we want to ensure that all our participants are fully prepared and informed. To help you get ready for the action, we’ve put together a comprehensive Season 5 Information Kit and updated our regulations. Whether you're a seasoned driver or new to the league, these resources are essential for your success on the track.

Season 5 Information Kit

Our Season 5 Information Kit is your go-to guide for everything you need to know about the upcoming season. Packed with detailed insights, this kit covers:

  • Race Schedules: Stay updated with the dates and times of all upcoming races.
  • Track Details: Get in-depth information on the tracks you'll be competing on.
  • Car Classes: Learn about the different car classes and their specifications.
  • Prize Pools: Discover the prizes up for grabs and how you can win.
  • New Features: Find out about the latest additions and changes for Season 5.
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Season 5 Regulations

To ensure fair and competitive racing, we have updated our regulations for Season 5. It is crucial for all participants to familiarize themselves with these rules to compete effectively and avoid penalties. The regulations cover:

  • Race Conduct: Understand the dos and don'ts of racing to maintain sportsmanship.
  • Car Specifications: Ensure your car meets the required standards for each race.
  • Protest Procedures: Learn how to file a protest if you encounter any issues on the track.
  • Safety Protocols: Stay informed about the safety measures in place to protect all drivers.
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Why These Resources Matter

Staying informed with the Season 5 Information Kit and adhering to the updated regulations is crucial for your success in the AMX Sim Racing World Championship. These resources provide the knowledge you need to strategize, compete fairly, and maximize your performance on the track.

By staying informed and prepared, you can ensure a competitive edge and a smooth racing experience in Season 5. We look forward to an exciting season ahead and can't wait to see you on the track!