AMX Season 4 Close

AMX Season 4 Close

Season 4 comes to a close, and what an exhilarating season it's been!

With races on different platforms and even some thrilling rain races, it's been a blast.

Congratulations to all the champions and prize money winners!

We're delighted to announce that around 150 different racers earned cash points this season!


Without further ado, here are your champions from each class! We'll be reaching out to the winners regarding the fantastic prizes from Next Level Racing.

AMX10 FWD - Kieran Harrison
AMX10 RWD - Aaron Vazquez
AMX10 GT - Gael Valero

AMXONE NASCAR - Facundo Rago
AMXONE LIGHT - Mauricio Lozano
AMXONE ACC - Loys Regnier

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A massive thank you to all the drivers, teams, and sponsors involved - none of this would have been possible without you!

Season 5 is on its way! 🏁🎉