End of Season 3 Announcement

End of Season 3 Announcement

AMX End of Season 3 Announcement

Tonight marks the end of AMX Global League Season 3. This season featured our biggest prize pool (over $25,000), the most races ever (90!), and featured more drivers than ever before (over 100 unique racers)!

Before we end things for the year, we have a few announcements:

1. AMX Global League will return in January 2024! We are finalizing our plans and are excited to share our plans for next season with you soon.

2. Winnings for races in November will be paid out on 12/20 (allowing time for transfer & processing). Prizes for races in December will be paid by the 20th of January. Additionally prizes for Season 3 contests will be determined this week and we will be contacting winners soon. To ensure we are able to contact you, please ensure your correct email address has been submitted to your driver profile on AMXRace.com.

3. The final Officiating Report will be published this week and will include rulings from week 11 to the final race of the season. We have seen a great response from drivers in recent races and are happy to report that since implementing stewarding, race incidents have dropped by over 40%! We want to thank our drivers for their continued sportsmanship as they drive safely and respectfully. 

Finally, a huge thanks to our partners BenQ and Next Level Racing for their continued support this season, without which this season would not have been possible.