Season 3 Incident Report Review

Season 3 Incident Report Review

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and fairness, we have conducted a comprehensive review of all submitted incident reports from Season 3 in conjunction with our KARA (FIA ASN of Korea) homologation. These penalties are currently suspended, meaning no action will be taken unless further severe infractions occur. These rulings serve as an example to drivers of the potential consequences associated with reported incidents. It should be noted that receiving the most severe penalty (P3) includes a minimum fine of $100.

This is a key step to enabling competitive racing and maintaining a level playing field for all participants. Official review of protests and severe race incidents will begin starting from week 9, Race 25. These results will be released shortly with associated fines and penalties.

Thanks to all of our drivers for showing great sportsmanship and racing etiquette this season, and we hope this will encourage even better racing as we close out AMX Global League Season 3.

Season 3 Incident Review 11/26
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